Kannur cops teach road safety by recreating iconic Beatles cover

This is not the first time that a police force has used this iconic photo to raise awareness about road safety. In 2013, Kolkata traffic police too had used the same photo asking pedestrians, “If they can, why can’t you?”

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Beatles, the all-time favourite rock band from Britain, has fans all around the world and is now being used by police in Kerala to instil road safety awareness among the citizens. Police officers in Kannur district of Kerala imitated the iconic cover of the band’s penultimate album photo to promote road safety and is winning hearts online. In a beautiful tribute to band’s eleventh studio album Abbey Road, which featured the ‘fab four’ walking across a zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios in London, four cops recreated the scene.

Sharing the image of “Kannur’s Beatles” online, Kannur Collector Mir Mohammed Ali said the initiative was taken by the “Station House Officer (SHO) at Kannavam Police Station”. Collaborating with the local artists, the photo showed a 3D-painting of black-and-white blocks on the road and the cops recreating the iconic photo, which has been replicated by millions of Beatles fans worldwide since its release in 1969.

Ali also shared a photo of the original cover to draw parallels. The iconic photo, shot near EMI studios, showed the group crossing the street in single file from left to right, with Lennon leading, followed by Starr, McCartney, and Harrison.


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